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Full Version: I'm speechless.
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WOW! I've seen that Amazing Artwork several times, but to see it Actually being done....Awe Inspiring!
Thanks for sharing J!
BTW~Miss ya and Hope to see you Soon!!
Wow! totally amazing, outstanding, absolutely gorgeous, in total awe
never seen anything like it.
you can see more of the awesomeness here.
Absolutely amazing!!
When/where can I take classes from him?!
I've been becoming more and more interested in taking 3D nail art classes lately!!
Pisut is an amazing artist - really world class. But here I want to acknowledge that Iryna was the first person to do this - the day after learning of Tom's passing. Tom was her hero and someone she always wanted to meet, but never had the opportunity. She was very upset to learn of Tom's untimely passing and I suggested that she make a tribute to him and base it on Tom's Facebook photo.

She produced the work below in one day. Unlike Pisut's work - this is based on embedded acrylic design and looks like 3D under glass. This is a very advanced technique used by only a few for mixed media competitions. Paint is only used here to add shadows and small details like eyes, hair.

This work was published by nearly every nail magazine worldwide in their tribute articles to Tom. I think even the Master would have been happy to have been such an influence on a nail tech from Ukraine to follow her dreams.

[Image: Tom_Holcomb-2-1.jpg]
And here I can barely draw a flower Wink Impressive work by both artists.
Candice - it's about education only. You could do this and so can anyone who has access to good education. Pisut is a super artist and someone we very much respect. Iryna is a nail tech, who never studied art, but who did take nail art classes with good teachers before developing her own styles. I hope in the future we are able to come back to the US and makes some classes again. We also hope Pisut can visit us and teach us his techniques. I don't know anyone better at hand painted designs.
It's cool, but I don't consider this kind of thing to be nail art. It's more of classical art on a small 3 panel canvas.

It's completely impractical for wearing on nails and I've never seen anyone ever with classical "oil type" paintings on their nails.

I feel like if you're going to call it nail art, you should be able to wear it on your nails for a couple weeks. JMO.
It looks good. Getting it on actual nails would be hard to do because the length of each finger varies. Doing the whole nail art on each nail would work. But they have to be long nails.