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Full Version: Another gellish ?
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When the instructions say wipe the foundation coat with a brush or dry lint free something or other. What are you all using.
Great question. When I've used Gelish I used an old gel brush and wiped the sticky layer with it on the base coat. But, I have noticed that when I did it that way or not, it didn't make that much difference for me.
When I have used it, I've used the dry brush method too and have noticed a difference, usually with the darker colors. If you 'dry wipe' with a brush to remove the extra inhibition layer, you will have less shrinkage/color pulling back from the edges. I have not bought any in a while, wonder if they have changed the formulation of the foundation gel so that there is not as much of an inhibition layer remaining?
I use one of those stretchy neck strips for perms. I forget what they are called. We use them for toe separators as well. I've found that it makes abigdifference, especially if you are careful to wipe the free edge well.
I know they say to dry wipe the inhibition layer - I have tried it both ways...wiping and not wiping. I haven't noticed a difference big enough to continue dry wiping, so I don't do it. However, to answer your question, I was using a dry clean up brush.
I live in Orlando. Called gellish to see if they had any educators here and was told I would have to wait until the next premier show. Wow. Really makes me feel like using the product.
My understanding of doing the dry wipe step is that it is beneficial if you are putting down a bit too much base coat or there are any bumps in it - doing the dry wipe smoothes it and removes excess (you can just use a clean gel brush). So, if it's already a thin, smooth layer - doing the dry wipe isn't going to do much for you.
I agree that it helps with shrinkage but I stopped doing it because I wasn't seeing a huge difference. I think it DOES help with the darker colors tho.
It makes a huge difference for me, especially with dark colors, but I wipe it down really well. I don't think using a brush would accomplish the same thing.