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Full Version: First French Manicure
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Here's my first French manicure with a few tiny hearts as requested by the student getting her nails done. There is a holographic polish over the white that is glaring with the light and making it look a little wonky, lol.

I've been in nail tech school for a couple weeks now. I went in to it just knowing how to apply nail polish and a little bit about nail art.

I'm real excited to improve my skill and to work with gels and acrylics.

[Image: tumblr_mb14whmyKZ1r737hro1_500.jpg]
Full image here

Congrats on working toward your license, it's an exciting and fun industry. Very nice job on the french mani! Smile
Looking good! Keep up the practice!
I have a brush like this

I use it to clean up the smile lines on french mani it almost does all the work for me. I also use it to clean up stray polish its my best friend in the whole world. Makes my life so much easier.
Thanks, I'll get it! Other people were suggesting I get it too. Smile