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Full Version: ***Gelish Pics***
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Hello everyone! I just wanted to share some new pictures with you all. All the colors mentioned are Gelish.

Moon manicure with 'Diva' and 'Queen of Hearts'
[Image: diva1.jpg]

Fade with 'Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Busy' 'Bella's Vampire' and custom glitter mix on natural nails
[Image: TinaFade.jpg]

'Sweet Chocolate' and accent fingers in 'Night Reflection' with white accents and glitter blend
[Image: PurpleLocket2.jpg]

Pink and Whites on a Nail Biter
[Image: LaurenPinkandWhite.jpg]
Very nice!
Love all your pics everytime :lol: Im wearing Good Gossip with gold glitter snowflakes right now. Im loving the good gossip for all my xmas nail art!!!!
Awesome job!!
Thank you ladies!!

MitcheleSheree That sounds really cute. I love Good Gossip!!
Gorgeous! I have some gellish and now I have even more ideas of what to do with it. The fade with custom glitter is absolutely stunning.. love the colors! D
I especially like the first one. I would like to invite you to my utube channel called The Art Of The Pen.
I have a tool that is soooo awesome and new to the us. I am a us distributor/educator for the Art Pen by Be Creative.. Hope you like it. It is like using a very sharp pencil to make designs. It defines your work. You can also find pics on my wall in FB.
I wish i still lived in Wilmington... so you could do my nails! So jealous....
Thank you so much, ladies!

Gr8Nailz I know I wish you lived here too Smile

JUST NAIL IT Thanks for the info, I'll take a look, it sounds nice!

Dolphin Girl Happy to give you some new ideas!!

Here's an edge nail I did this week, this is just a clear free edge with a little loose glitter sprinkled near the smile line. I love it so much.....

[Image: tonyaedge4.jpg]