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Full Version: Velvet Nails
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Has anyone tried this? HuhI noticed it was velvet pink glitter in the Shoppe here. I know velvet nails are going to the the 'it' thing this fall. I'd be interested to see if anyone has tried this technique anyone?Shy
check Sam Biddle website or blog she has pictures and a video
First saw velvet used on nails in Ukraine last year. However, the application is very different. The velvet (actually the correct name is flock), is loaded into the top of a hand held electrical device that is of a similar size to a handheld electrical drill used for hobby or modelling. This device charges the flock electrostatically and as the device is shaken over the nails, the charged flock drops onto the nails. However, because of the static charge, each flock particle stands up from the nail (rather than lying down in any direction like when simply applied by hand). This gives a really soft velvet feel to the finished nail.

You can buy flock at Michaels or many other suppliers (it's used in the car industry and by clothing designers to add decals). Lots of colors available. We looked at the possibility to buy and sell the electrostatic machine, but we felt the price would be too high (approx $200) to justify something which is interesting but most customers would not want to pay for.

One example website:

The photo below shows vellure applied using the electrostatic gun:

[Image: IMG_0286.jpg]
i like that
I just can't get past the thought of germs, bacteria, etc growing in that material, not to mention when they get wet! Is it just me?
I've read other places on the internet with it being done without a machine. Just sprinkled over wet polish. One site advised using glue for nail foils to stick it.
TKB Trading has a tutorial but they market more towards the DIY'er, I think.