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Full Version: I lost my favorite Mehaz curette and can't find the same one, Do you have a favorite?
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I lost my favorite Mehaz curette. I loved it, but I can't seem to find the same one. The one I had was double ended, but instead of the scoops being round, these scoops were triangular. They cleaned the nailplate so fantastic with very little pressure. The ones I looked at online are all round? I'm stumped? I have a different brand but it doesn't do the job like the one I had. I've tried the other type with a more straight edge scraper rather than a scoop, but I can't get the hang of using it. I can do one side of the nail but I can't seem to get the angle right doing the other side, I'm worried I'm gonna hurt them. Any thoughts??? THANKS, Kelly*
Have you tried calling Mehaz to see if maybe they discontinued the one you had? They may still have some laying around you could buy.
I love, love, love, love my Mehaz curette. I have the kind with a round, spoon-like edge and the other side is an angled straight edge tool. I push using the spoon side (which glides like butter) and then go over and "scrape" around with the edge (between the Cuticle Away and pushing back, the edge pretty much just scoops away the gunk - not much actual "scraping").