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Full Version: Starting to feel like a real live nail tech! :)
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I FINALLY got my first REAL E-File yesterday! I've been using one from sally's until I could afford a good one. It's so slim and it doesn't have that horrible vibration that the 'Nail Genie" has!
Almost glad that Kelli's dryer went out now! (her dryer died, I had an extra one and she had an extra e-file. Gotta love a trade!)
Good for you! Having good, professional tools, designed for OUR trade makes our work so much easier...
I've only done one set with it so far and it was on myself (wanted to get a feel for it before using it on someone else), but they just look so much better! And the whole process seemed so much faster! Smile i got one of those smile line cutters (round scraper thing) the other day too. I see things getting easier and faster in my future! Smile
Ok, so now that I've gotten my glee out of the way, I actually do need some help here too! lol
Kellie gave me two bits with the e-file, a gold diamond cut bit and a gold pencil(?) bit. What other suggestions do ya'll have on what types of bits I should aquire and a good quality place to purchase them from? Please and thanks!