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Full Version: My pedi soak is too foamy
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I just bought a gallon jug of OPI pedi soak, which is supposed to be low foam and good in whirlpool tubs, and it makes a giant bubbly, foamy mess! It's fine if I don't turn on the whirlpool, but everyone wants that on. Is there anything I can add to the soak to keep it from foaming up? I can't return the soak (I barged it up to Alaska from Washington and there is no beauty supply where I live) and I would like to use it if I can...any thoughts???
Thank you!
Try adding a bit of oil to the water. Not cuticle oil, just vegetable oil is fine. I bought pedi soak that was super bubbly and a little oil took care of it. I called it my "special extra-moisturizing blend".
Yep! I used to add cuticle oil for that same soak, but any oil will do.
Another use for seabreeze! Keep either a spray bottle of seabreeze or alcohol next to you and spritz the bubbles. It will bring them down.
Did you try adding less of the soak?
Be careful about adding oils to your water if you have a jetted tub.
Have done the alcohol thingy and the oil. The alcohol does it temporarily, the oil does it permanently! Wooohooo!
most pedi spa chair have an air regulator, usually up underneath the seat, it let air in to the jet to make bubbles.... you can close them to regulate the amount of air.
I would add one pump of the soften before adding oil.