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Full Version: ex nail table
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a new ex nail table I had made for my nail room . Now just have to paint it .I have a girl that helps me when I get busy
That's awesome!
That is way cool! I'd love one like that for my "art cart".
thank you. you can buy one from the Industry Source but I had someome to make mine (a good friend) He did the large nail table that I work at. Here just a picture of the top
I get the under side w the lights...but how in the world do you work on the top with it being so high?? I dont think i cld do that ..but i like them ..def way cool...congrats!!! Your friend shld think about selling them and making sum extra cash..except for Hollywood nails...tables are sooooo expensive
A little OT, but where do I get that model of light? The table lamp, not UV lamps.
I have a saddle chair that sets up high so that's no problem . The light from Industry Source.. Thanks
I love them both