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Full Version: Day rates???
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Please advise on what the going day rate is for manicurists?

I realize the price range will vary depending on region, types of nails, etc. I'm looking for pricing for natural nail art.

Please and Thank youSmile

only you know that answer.

How many manicure you can do a day/how well can you fill your book?

Don't matter where you work or who you work for, you own the table you sit at and it is up to you to fill it, ask for referral, ask to rebook......

To answer your question I need to ask a question. The question is what do you expect for a daily rate that you need to put food on the table why loving what you do?
You can see my pricing on my website. It really depends on your overhead, costs, cost of living in your area... and what you want to get paid per hour.
Thanks ever so much for your response.

I don't think I posed my question correctly. The day rate is not for my salon, as I have pricing in place for this. I was asked about rendering services to an apparal mart during their trade show. A day rate was suggested, as there's no way of knowing how many would actually partake in the manicure services.

I know makeup artists, hairstylists, etc. usually work on day rates when working on the sets of movies, fashion shows, etc.

That's what I'm looking for...again, I welcome your feedback.

My salon has done trade shows and events like this before. I believe they charge about 20$ per hr. per tech.
I did something like this once. I did very mini manis (file, polish, cuticle oil, hand massage) and gave them the file I used on them. Each took about 20mins, and I charged $11/person. I was there between 3-4 hours and was busy back-to-back. In my salon, I would actually charge $15 for what I call a "polish change" (file, paint, cuticle oil (no massage)), but I cut them a bit of a deal (it was an event that a hospital was putting on for their nurses - how cool is that?). I suppose it's worth noting that I normally charge $24 for a full manicure: file, cuticle work, scrub, polish, massage.

So, my advice would be to think about it. Think about what you would be making in your salon during that time that you'll possibly be missing out on. Think about what you'll be including in your manis and how long they will take. Attach a price to it, and work some different scenarios to come up with a day rate (since it doesn't sound like you'll know how many people will be interested - I would work it as if you were busy back-to-back). But, when it boils down to it, time is money. This is why MUAs, hair stylists, etc charge day rates for photoshoots/fashion shows: they may be there for hours and hours and only work on a handful of looks, but they still need to get paid for the down time in between and ability to jump right in when needed.

Make sure it not only covers your time, but your travel time, and the effort it will take for you to lug all of your supplies to and from the location. And certainly make sure it is worth not being at your salon for. I did this on my day off, so between making a nice chunk of money in a short period of time and pampering really awesome ladies, it was really worth it Smile!
Thanks again for the replies....Will definitely take all into consideration.

Warmest Regards,

Definately make sure you get compensate for what your are worth in the salon.
Also keep in mind that the event may be free publisity for you also.