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i have been using protein bond on all my enhancement clients.. is there any product/ primer that you use for heavy lifters?? i got a client last week that goes to another nailtech in the shop for manicures.. her polish lasts about 3 days she tells me.. she used to have "chop shop" enhancements 10 years ago and even those would lift on her.. what product would you recommend as a primer for a client like that, when doing enhancements, which is what she wants for a special occassion?
thks!! (its been quite a week with difficult clients!)
Wow..maybe try an acid primer first..and let it dry really good..and then do a protein bonder on top of that. Obviously makimg sure the nail plate is clean and free of debris/oil beforehand. But some ppl just have that kind of chemistry and it just is what it is!! Wink
You could try two different things, the first would be cure the P.B. in the lamp about a minute before applying your base gel. The other is to go on T.E.N.'s website and buy some Linkage. It's the strongest bonding primer out there. It's a bit finicky to work with, takes special care to keep it from drying in the bottle but it's an awesome primer for prob lifters.