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Full Version: gelish/ lifting
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i have a client that has been getting gelish manicures for at least a year from a former nailtech.. this nailtech got a fulltime job and can only do nails on weekends , and that does not work for my new client.. so, i have done her nails 5 times. she comes in every 3 weeks. she is a nurse who works weekends only and washes her hands a MILLION times per day.. 2 of the 5 gelish manicures i have done on her, the product peeled off.. this last time, i used sunrise in the city.. after 2 weeks, it started to peel.. now i am happy it lasted 2 weeks on her but she said it used to last 3 weeks with her former nail tech.. she brought me the parts of the polish that had come off.. they came off in complete sheets.. weird.. asked what her old nailtech did differently, and she is not sure..
i don't have issues with others but why did it work with her old nail tech and not me (well, it did not work 2 times).. is it the new color of gelish that is somewhat metallic? my bulbs are not due to be replaced.. i use protein bond, like i do with everyone else.. any clues??
I have had this problem with one of my clients- for several manis, she was fine and then she started peeling. I finally came upon a method that worked, but then sher wanted it to last 4-5 weeks......
Sanitize hands, push cuticle with a stone pusher- I can get more of the ptygerium off the nail-, being sure to remove as much pterygium from the nail plate as possible. The I clean the nail with a mani bruesh, brushing away from the cuticle. I clean the nail plate with 91% alcohol really getting up close to the cuticle. Then I apply Gentle Bond from Nailite and let dry. I apply my Foundation very thin, and kind of scrub it into the nail plate, cure, apply color in thin coats, cure, and apply Top It Off and do the final cure. I then clean the the nail with alcohol. I do always cap the free edge, being sure to remove and gel from the skin. I hope this helps you. She works in a bank and at home and has her nails in everything- she is the only one that has had a problem. (I think sometimes it has to do with the way they use their hands and nails a lot of the time.)
Why don't you ask for the name of her former nail tech, and call her. It's not as though the client left her because she was unhappy. Any professional would be happy to pass on that info. Simple. Ask
Ya what a great idea!!! Hopefully she will take it as a compliment and be willing to share some tips!!! Ive always used Something Wonderful from Nailite and really havent had issues. Its a protein bonder which is better than just an alcohol based prep like Bond aid or the like. Maybe u can ask her to give u a shellac manicure...offer to pay her of course...and watch everytg she does and ask alot of questions!!!!
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Sometimes I find that certain brands just have certain colors that are duds ,they either shrink ,and need three coats or more just to get the proper color ,or ,for some unknown reason ,don't seem to last as well. I usually try to rule out all possible causes before I blame the color, but if several peopl only have trouble with one shade ,it gets tossed in the dud pile ,and removed from my palette.