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Full Version: Gelish LED 18G Gel Light?
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Has anyone used or purchased this LED light as yet?

I would like to purchase an LED light, but was waiting for a five finger cure and the technology to advance a bit more.

This light seems like it may be a good investment...
I got it Friday in the Black Friday Promo at NTS - the 18g plus 6 Gelish polishes for $349 - a nice deal which actually makes it cheaper than the 6g or 9g.

Here's my thoughts

Pros – very attractive, solid construction yet lightweight
Compact, yet large enough for five finger cure and pedicure
Really like the removable magnetic metal plate on bottom, allows for easy sanitation and pedicure access
Super fast, Great, consistent cures
Easy to use, Great motion sensing

Cons –
It gets too warm, even hot, in there; this is significant enough that I am considering returning it
The countdown timer is in the back and only visible to the tech not the client, unlike OPI light where timer is on top; this is a big problem for DIYers
The light shield must be either all up or all down
Motion sensor is iffy when swatching