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A dear friend of mine, her friend had shellac done last week. On 4 of her fingers under the free edge, each of the four fingers has small paper like cuts. I don't do shellac and have never heard of this happening. She has no itching, No swelling, but they are bleeding somewhat and are extremely tender. She had shellac on prior to this application, the tech used foil and acetone, the fingers are not the same on each hand.
Does she keep her nails short? My first thought is that when they filed her nails the edge of the file was sharp and cut her a little.
I'll ask
I am thinking the same thing. The tech used a sharp file and did not dull the edges before the manicure.
It was a combination. I believe the tech Filled her nails very short and between that and soaking them in acetone. That was it. Acetone can cause contact dermatitis which is dryness, redness, peeling and cracks