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Full Version: Be Creative pen
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Does anyone know where I can purchase a Sam Biddle nail art pen in the United States?
Thanks in advance Smile
I think it's
Is that just a calligraphy pen?
Pretty much
Tess Walters on FaceBook has got them. I was reading the comments about it while trying to figure out to put it back together and several made comments that it was a calligraphy pen that can be bought at an art store.

Anyone know how to put it back together?
Donna, is it just the little piece on the inside that you need put back in?
yes, I took it apart to make sure all the paint was off because I let it set too long.
You slide the bottom of the piece along the inside of the larger outer piece and guide it down into the barrel. The curve should be away from the outer piece, making a little empty space between the two gold pieces. I hope that helps.
thanks, Tess just posted the pic I needed to actually SEE how it was done. I'm such a visual person, I'm handicapped by it sometimes.