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Full Version: Ingrown toenails
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Hi All.

So I recently got a pedicure where the technician cut a couple nails too short and now they are ingrown. Two nails are slightly involuted, but only one is bothering me. I've read that I can use acrylic to help correct the nails.

Do I just do a simple overlay over the ingrown nail? Can I just let the acrylic grow out or is this something I need to maintain? Can I use hard gel instead of acrylic? Hard gel would be easier to do on myself but I don't know if it would work the same way. I would go to another nail tech but I don't know of any good techs who do acrylics in the NYC area.

Please help! My toes are bothering me so much I'm about to do the unthinkable and cut off those corners! Thank you in advance.
Ohhhhh hun, that is too bad ya got your toenails cut too short!! Ouch!!! Yes, you can apply acrylic and it should help with that. Letting the nails grow out should help once they reach a certain length and then ya can take the acrylic off.

Gel may be too flexible, but not sure since I haven't tried it. The toenail may go back to it's original shape.
When I repair missing corners, I pull the skin back so the product can assume the natural shape of the missing nail. With Acrylic this is easy, not so easy for gel. You'll need to make sure what ever you use goes to the edge of your natural nail to be effective. You could place your foot directly in front of the light and as long as you see the light hitting the part you want to cure, it'll work. YOu'll only need to hold it long enough for it firm up....the problem is are you flexible enough to do that? I'm not, lol!!
Case in point.. cutting deep corners in a pedi is the WRONG thing to do more than 50% of the time.. if there was discomfort or pain prior, it will be WORSE as the nail starts to grow back out. Been there, hurt that.. I had a tech give me the absolute best and most intense pedi ever, but I asked her not to cut the corners at all.. she insisted.. I was right, she was wrong...

Chances are you do not have a full blown ingrown situation, but more likely a sharp corner where the tech cut the corners deeply, thats what is causing your discomfort.

copied from the articles area

How do I handle clients with ingrown or pincher toenails?

Q. I have no idea how to remove my clients ingrown toenails, but then I am not sure that she wants me to remove them. She just left me a message on her Schedulicity appt. that she has them. Should I try to remove them if she wants me to or is this best left to a doctor? Can anyone offer advice?

>>Removing ingrown toenails is not within our license. If she wants them removed she should see a podiatrist. If they are extremely ingrown I would definitely leave them alone. If there is no infection or irritation some will apply acrylic saying that the acrylic pulls the nail away from the skin. Just remember we are licensed to work on healthy feet, not fix unhealthy feet.

>> By ingrown, she may mean that they're starting to ingrow due to her letting them go too long. As long as there's no infection and you don't have to dig them out and cause her pain, it should be something you can handle. I never probe further than I can see using my tools and deep digging to remove ingrowns is something I won't do.

>> Gel or acrylic toes is something you can suggest to her, it relieves the pain after a couple days and allows them to grow out. Cutting out ingrown toe nails does not solve the problem, it just aliviates the pain momentarily. Big Grin

>> Tammy taylor has a great ingrown toe nail video. Its worth a watch just for the visual.

Episode 49 and Episode 63

One addiitonal article at NSI - Pinching – By Rise’ Carter

>> Just as an afterthought, I remember this being in Nails a year or so ago and it has been used by some podiatrists--but most still want to do surgery instead--even though they admit to the effectiveness of this product!


That tool is not for ingrowns, but "pincher" nails. I took that exact article to the Dr, who read every word while I sat there, then laughed like you would not believe. I have a great relationship with him, he totally respects and get's the fact I am a professional and have a great understanding of these things Smile

Before I went to the doctor I was in constant pain, numb from the ball of my foot through the entire big toe, if I banged it or even the dog stepped on it I thought I would die.. The 1st pod I went to cut deep V's far back on both big toes - very painful when he did it, relief for 2 weeks then it started again. I mentioned to Maureen (who does my toes) and she recommended the 2nd Dr who was wonderful - explained what the other Dr did and why for *me* I didn't feel it was the proper treatment. We discussed several treatment plans.. giving each time before giving up and moving to the next more intense thing, final would be the removal of part of the nail. I am grateful this is working for me - no pain for the most part, and only occasionally a little numbness

I wear sneakers all day every day, have some issues with my feet.. both my big toes and the 2nd on the right foot are pincher's.. BAD.. the nails doming and lifting way off the beds. So after much experimentation, I found the only way to relieve the discomfort was to allow the nails to grow out past the end of my toe, NEVER cut the corners and keep acrylic or hard gel on them.

We discussed use of acrylic or hard gel on the offending nails to try and force the shape back to normal. Many techs have reported this has made a big difference. Dr's response, "well I can't see how it could hurt, lets see how it goes for you." I will tell you it is taking time but I indeed see a difference in the free edge shape of my toes and a much reduced discomfort level as well. I also forced the nails out past the end of my toes, stopped cutting the corners (some need this, some don't) and I am way more comfortable than I have been in a long time.

Last pedi, Maureen used a new bit that Simmy sold her, it's round one with a shield that springs back to do toe nail corners. It really was nice, but for MY toes, while they felt better immediately, now that they are growing out that little bit, I am experiencing discomfort again. I spoke to Simmy who said that particular bit should not be used on pincher nails.

So my thought says you have to experiment with a client who has discomfort.. PAIN = send her to the DR.. open sores or real obvious redness

You can absolutely see the difference here

[Image: pinchertoenail.jpg]

[Image: pinchertoenail3.jpg]

You can see the hook is gone almost comepletely from the left side, as well the "doming" is reduced. I see the same effect on the right big & "pointer" toes.. In really comparing that pic with what it looks like right now the curl on the one side is definately much reduced from what it was - so absolutely this is making an improvement for me

I am not 100% sure this will have any positive effect on ingrowns, but for pinchers.. more specifically for *me* it was a great result. Many techs as a regular practice cut the corners deep \_/ but that's not always the answer..

I have tried several different methods and the only one that brought me relief was to allow the nails to grow out just past the edge and keep them straight across, just rounding the corners enought to not be sharp - yes I get comments all the time.. got them puppies a little long doncha?? Well - they are not THAT long Smile Also I have been doing hard gel or acrylic on the offending digits for months now and I am starting to see some change in the shape and the degree of "doming/pinching".

On hubby, who has mild ingrowns, I have asked again to allow me to let them grow out past the edge.. he really doesnt want to start the podiatrist visits, so he let me do this.. I clip just the sharp corner so it doesn't poke him and he hasn't whined about his toes in a while now ..

BUT these methods dont work for everyone.. some find the deep cuts - and WE have to be VERY carful doing that - offer relief, some find it makes things worse.

There even has been discussion about constant deep cutting the corners is creating ingrowns.. so watch what you are doing there!

Your best bet is to align yourself with a local podiatrist and refer them over there.

So for me this was a huge plus.. we have been moving back & forth between acrylic and hard gels. I dont think it makes too much of a difference.. but the curl on the outer nail fold is 1/2 what it was, less, if not NO pain and no discomfort and no more tingling..

Not all Dr's will agree with this treatment method of having acrylic or hard gel on my toes for several months to help flatten them out Smile My podiatrist saw the improvement in my pincher toes and says he will be recommending it to patients in the future Smile Some are forward thinking, some stuck in a hole, some want to sell stuff..
Thank you for the very detailed explanation Deb! I think only my left big toe is actually ingrown and the other two are pinchers. I will try some acrylic/hard gel on them. How thick should the overlay be? Should it be on the thin side or like a standard overlay? I'm leaning towards using gel since I like to change colors a lot. I hope this works!

I always explain to my clients that I cannot remove ingrowns since I'm not a podiatrist. I tell them they need to let their nails grow a little longer. They look at me like I'm and idiot and say the other techs cut with no problem. And I say how often does it come back? I'm so sick of clients thinking they know everything because they have been getting pedicures for 10 years. *sigh*
Maureen does a reg thickness of acrylic.. we found I had more releif from acrylic than gels though.. have a red glitter acrylic powder on them now
That's great info! I can tell you that I have suffered with either ingrowns or pinchers for years. I am not sure which because I've never let them grow out far enough to see. I suspect ingrowns because when I was a kid I used to sneak around like a freak tearing my toe nails short. Yes, tearing them... Not even clipping! I would tear them so short they would often bleed in the corners! This summer I had my Nail Tech put acrylic enhancements on my toes so I would have pretty feet for sandal season. They have grown out and for the first time in probably 20 years I have little to no pain in my toes!

And FYI Deb, I know that exact feeling you describe when your toe is slightly bumped and you feel like you are going to puke, pass out and die!
And EVERY trip out to peep, the 80lb put mix HAD to stomp on whichever toe was giving me the most discomfort that day.. and on the way back in the house too.. no matter where i stood he stomped on my toes. speaking of all this I need to call Maureen right now and set my appoint!
I completely understand. We have an American Bulldog who weighs 80-90 lbs!
Lol, I have the same issue with my 85lb German Shepherd. Guess I'll be slapping some acrylics on them. Smile