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Full Version: where is the best place to find a reliable renter?
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Im looking for a nail tech or stylist to rent in my salon but am not having the best luck finding someone. Ive posted on beauty schools, craigs list and even posted on here. Im looking for renters only pref with clientle. Any suggestions?
When ya find that out, let me know. That is the million dollar question, for sure!!
Where are you located?
Well dang. I'm actually looking for rental options... But I'm in CA
The commute isnt that bad lol
Hahaaa! I will put you down as an option!
I would start asking your clients who d
Whoops. Who does there nails. As you know referrals are always the best way to go. If a name keeps coming up she's probably good at what she does. There seems to be a stigma regarding "poaching" in this industry however, headhunters make connections with executives all the time. If that person isn't intrested perhaps they know someone that it. Just my thoughts. Good luck!
I would start asking your clients who d