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Full Version: How do I prevent natural nails from curling under gel
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I always wrap the free edge with gel, but the natural nail is still curling in at the corners. Why is this happening, and what should I do to remedy this?
I have been really stressing cuticle oil to all of my clients for their fingers and toes.

It is a critical part of maintaining the health, strength and appearance of the nail. And it may help with the curling, although I am a bit newer to gel technology and doing gel nails so someone may have some better answers than this one.

Since I have been repeatedly reminding my clients about the wonders of cuticle oil, many of them have greatly improved nails - impressively so.
Ditto about the cuticle oil.

Also, are you performing your manis wet or dry? If you are soaking, try ditching that.
If the natural nail is pulling away from the product, it's because it's drying out. The best way to stop it is to stress the use of nail oil under the nail as stated above.

The only other thing to do is use your e file and a fine grit bit and go under the f/e at a 45 degree angle. This will remove part of the nail and smooth the underside without taking it all off. Amy Becker of MasterWorks Gel says this will stop seperation of the product and nat. nail,also.
During maintenance appointments, I hand file away the product at the free edge so new product can be applied directly to the natural nail, if necessary. I don't cap the free edge, and under file (hold the file at a 45 degree angle) when shaping the distal edge.
The natural nail is doing what it is genetically suppose to do. No one nail is the same. They all have certain shapes, sizes, curves, etc. So ya can't prevent the natural nail from doing what it's genetically engineered to do.

What ya can do is clip or file off the product from the top and refill that area with product. Or if it is curling too much, ya can clip or file off that part of the natural nail from underneath the product, being careful to not cause any more lifting.

I've had my clients use their oil underneath and that didn't resolve the situation.

Hope that helps ya out sweetie!