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Full Version: gel polish over gel overlay
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Hi All, I havent done gel nails for awhile & this may sound like a dumb question but here goes: can/should I apply gel polish or shellac over a hard gel overlay?

To keep my customers nails strong I'm applying a few layers of hard gel to her natural nail but not extending the length. She'll want color & I wonder if gel polish on top of hard gel will work? thanks in advance for your help. Smile
Oh it will work just fine. Can't soak off though. Got to file off.

Even though hard gel technically can't be soaked off, the acetone weakens it and could cause problems. So, you'll need to file off your gel polish.
I use Akzentz reg. Gel all the time with gel polish and I actually do wrap it up w acetone and never had any problems doing it that way. Ive even used that method and/or just soaking in a bowl with acrylic nails w/gel polish w/o any issues either. If soaking in a bowl just watch it closely so not to break it down so much. But doing it this way saves your wrists and makes for a nice nail!!! I will soak a little - then hand file until the amount i want is off...HTH Smile