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Full Version: Last 2 purchases...
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Ok, I think I'm down to my last 2 purchases and I should have everything I need to get started... I think. I still need to find a table vent and towels. What model table vent do you have? Do you like it? Are there any models that you think I should steer clear of! Also, where the best place to get towels and not spend a fortune?
I have NOT ordered from this company yet but I liked their prices on bright colored towels. I'm a sucker for bright orange and hot pink.Big Grin
Yes! I actually want hot pink! I'll probably order some white as well just for men's pedi's. I already have one of my male clients from 9 yrs ago asking when I'm going to be licensed again so he can get his pedi. He's a huge built like a brick $hhhh house Samoan guy.... While he's a great guy, I'm sure he doesn't want his feet wrapped in hot pink towels! Hahahaaa!
He'll take pretty pink towels and LIKE pretty pink towel!Angry Just kidding!
I have ordered the Bleach-Safe towels from Towel Hub and they are Fabulous!! I'm with MySweetJordan, He wants his pedi, he'll take the hot pink towels! LOL I thought about using the dark gray for pedi's, but decided on purple instead and my male clients have given me a whole lot of grief over the Purple ones, but all in good fun. Smile