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Full Version: I'm enrolled!
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I'm officially enrolled into nail tech school! I start Friday at Centralia Beauty College. I'm SO excited! Big Grin I think I'm going to start a blog on my tumblr page or just make one to track my journey so others can see what it's like. I wasn't able to find much info online when doing my research on it. so I thought I might as well add to it.

I checked out the school today. It is... old, lol. But, there is nothing else in the area and the educators are very nice and helpful. They are older and have many years of experience. She said I can come in after work and work at my own pace. They seem very down to earth and caring about what you get out of the education. They have students that come in at noon to do a course they have. It was all super young girls, should be interesting, lol.

Sounds good
That's so exciting! You will have a lot of fun, I'm sure. I loved my school and it was kind of old and run down too, but our instructors were great and they really cared.
Just ordered my Gina Wallace nail trainer hand. I can't wait to get it! Big Grin
It was my first day today and we went over two basic manicures: water manicure and OPI spa manicure. They even had me do a water manicure on one of the students. What color did she choose? OPI RED, LOL! I was told I did well but the instructor wasn't there to oversee it so... yeah.
I got my OPI kit today! Big Grin

I did a few manicures and some nail art on one girl but she took it off later without telling me. Sad