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Full Version: A Public Apology...kinda
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Well, this is not exactly what it seems. Ive said in the past...and bashed them in the past--and I did it--- Im working for a Vietemese Salon.
I was working in a little Spa that just opened up and since my husband abandoned me 2 years ago--my father has been helping me. Hes a bad heart patient, and cannot work anymore. So, I had a choice to make. I could stay at the little Spa and 'hope' to gain more clients...(she actually had another groupon special coming out soon. But I only make $7.50 per client for a mani/pedi combo)

Or---- this Vietemese salon has wanted me for several months now..but admittedly I was terrified to go work for them. Most of the salons I have seen were dirty and rush-rush..But this Salon is way different. They told me NOT to rush. To do my best work so the client is pleased. They do clean everything..always tidying up..I mean some stuff needs attention--but the important things..implements, foot files...etc.. are clean and sanitized.

So, theyve told me that I have an opportunity to make between $3000-4000 a month..(during the peak season) ...and about 1/2 of that $2000-3000 during fall/winter months.
I was scared that they would try to micromanage me..constantly looking over my shoulder--kind of thing. They havent done that at all !!!!
My first full day was yesterday (mon day) and I had 8 clients. ( and that was 5 of us working and we all had give or take the same amount of clients)---- I brought in more money in one (slower) day than I did all week at the other place. And their prices are fair. Not cheap. Not expensive...but middle of the road fair.
Im really excited about this because its in a great area...lots of money there. And the clients do tip well.

So, I just wanted to apologize, for what its worth, to the so called " Nss" salons. Their are good ones out there, because I am working for one. These ppl are pleasant and friendly...working as a team, and take pride in their work.
I guess we shouldnt judge a book by its cover, because we dont know everything about everyone.

I am a single mother and the owner knows about my situation, and keeps telling me that I wont have to worry about income becasue Im good, and shes excited to have me.
I actually replaced a Vietemese man that they just fired cuz of some reason... but I was surprised about that.

So, thats it..just wanted to bring this up. and onto my next chapter in life. It will be nice to make a decent living. Last year I only made $8000 at the salon by my house..and this year I quit bcuz I had only made $3000 by June.
Im better than that and deserve to be able to pay my bills!!!!
Share in my joy fellow techies... its good to make real money!! SmileSmileSmileSmile
Awwww hun, I sure hope this is what ya are looking for. I, myself, have never regarded NSS by one type of salon and not every one of them are the same. NSS is a place that doesn't do thing properly, clean or disinfect or care about the client. That can be anybody!!

Good luck to ya!! Wink
Good for you, I hope it works out! $8,000 in a year is crazy!!! Before I was a tech I went to a mid-range Asian salon - they didn't do everything properly (I wouldn't get a pedi there) but I was very happy with the tech who did my nails there for 3 1/2 years, even if she did think my name was Kendall until the very end. Smile
Congrats on the new job! The salon I work for is American owned but we have a lot of Asian girls, mostly Vietnamese. We don't have much downtime at all, especially during peak season. I made at least 2500 a month this summer working 26 hrs a week, and it's not uncommon for me to be 100% booked aside from my lunch.

Since you are going from being really not busy to really busy, here is my advice to you. Take care of your body. This is a physically demanding job when you are working in a very busy establishment. If you have a massage school in your area that is one way to get regular affordable massage. Chair massage is another option, or a membership place like Massage Envy. I have to get forearm and back bodywork done a minimum of once every two months to be functional. I strongly recommend at least an hour a month. If you feel any pain or inflammation anywhere in your arms or hands ice it on breaks and when you get home. Do stretches throughout the day when you have a chance. Even massage your own wrists and hands often. You want to make sure you have a good long career so don't wait until you have severe pain to do something about it.
Tracy, I'm so glad things have turned around for you. You're right about the Asian runs salons. Yes, most are not that good and THEY actually make it harder on the Asians that are running their salon the right way. You do what you have to to survive. I'm happy for you!
I am really happy for you! I can understand your apprehension, but you have wandered into a golden opportunity Smile I am sure that the fact they wanted you all these months made you that much more desireable, and they can trust you to do a good job. Congratulations Smile
Awe..thanks guys... Yes, Im excited and nervous at the same time..LOL Im gona be working my butt off!! heh heh..but I need to make that money!! Smile Thanks again for all the kind comments. This will be a new beginning for me and my daughter, and Im very , very thankful. Smile
Good for You and Good LUCK!!
It sounds like a great opportunity, just when you needed it! Enjoy it, learn from them and give those areas that could use some attention a little TLC, IF you have a chance to.
Congrats and best wishes on much success!
Lol, I guess this answers a question I had a while back....I wondered if Asian salons ever hired non Asians...I guess they do ! Smile Congratulations !!!! Smile
You have given me what I need to go check on a salon friday to see about a job
Congrats! You are very lucky that you are going to be making that kind of $$$. Working that hard is definitely worth it when you are actually making a living Smile best of luck!
I wish more professionals would take the opportunity to work in a successful salon, particularly if they have aspirations of owning their own in the future. Wishing you the best! was like a light bulb came on..bcuz instead of always scraping and fighting to get clients in the door...why not work where they come to you??? Not to say that u do less of a job bcuz their isnt a lack of clientele...but its just nice to not worry about where ur next client is coming from. So far its been a good thanks againWink
Good for you!!! I tried going in to ask one in my area if they were hiring but the language barrier was to great to ask the question. Im going to keep trying though.
Try Craigslist...thats how i found them. Theyve advertised a cpl of times here....and their r more towards cleveland that are hiring too.
Have to ditto the comment about getting massages. Very important. I went from nothing to a full book when I took over a nail tech's full book when she went on maternity leave. Oh lawdy! My body went into shock and I was in a lot of pain.

I would recommend going to someone who really knows what they are doing and will listen to what ya need. And you can write off the expense since it is job related.

Let us know how things go for ya!
The salon I work in now is owned by a woman from Taiwan and a woman from Vietnam. When I moved there I was surprised by the number of friends who made very critical comments. The previous salons, none of them were as clean or as code as I would have liked, all American owned. Too much bad business and thoughtlessness regarding coworkers and clients.
The dirtiest (work habits) manicurist I ever worked with was British (big tales of being trained by Sassoon), she not only did not sanitize her tools but did not wash them or the pedi tub... I could never understand why her clients were not appalled.

I think calling "those" salons "nss" (non standard salons) was a good practice, since it applies to salons that use low grade materials and cut corners on technique and health and safety, regardless of any other aspect.
People from different cultures have different ideas about thing.... I often ask clients children (not mine) to not run back and forth and I don't approve of letting the kids play with tools that do not belong to them at others stations.. something the Asian women do not seem concerned about... but they are far more attentive than I am (when I'm really busy) about making sure clients have water, snacks.... it feels odd sometimes when I am not included in discussions, I'm not really sensitive in that respect, but I like to know what is going on. It is interesting to see the difference in the way cultures handle different situations, we have some interesting conversations on this.
On the other had, I have been handy to them when I know what is going on and they are not sure what the right response should be, like throwing the fire inspection scammers (and reporting them) out or the women who used to come in saying they were selling candy for a charity, and would empty the candy jar and the creamer, weekly.
One thing I love is the approach (generally) to fairness, no petit tyrants here. The salon is kept up nicely, they are interested in improvements and pleasant to all... nice after salons where the owners turned off the hot water (save on electric), were rude to clients, did not keep up the maintenance, let their friends fill up all the parking (daylong), changed the locks without giving new keys, wanted me to cancel clients so they could hold a dance class in the salon (same place encouraged clients and co workers to bring in their dogs, dog pee on the floor wiped up with hair towels), no heat, no air, harassing coworkers, messing with the appointment book.... etc...
the friends from other salons who made comments, do not have it as good ;-)
don't get what the apology for.

Congrats to you and your new team, I know they got much to learn from you as you are from them.
Well....ive just had my first full week there and surprisingly have been told i dont know how to do acrylic nails. Now...i wasnt offended at all...however i told the owner-- yes...i did know how to do them- just not "their" way. Non asian teach 3 ball method structuring the nail thin at the cuticle/free edge. Their way..obviously is totally different. They use the cut out tool when doing pink/whites which is cool. However, when doing a quote/unquote "backfill".... they will efile the entire nail bare and start all over!!!! Its sooooo much work!!!! I will expand on this later..i dont wanna write the whole thing out on my im not aloud to do fills or anytg until i am taught by the owner.....more to come Smile
Wow, if they file everything off ,then how do they do it so fast ? And I've tried those cut out things ,and maybe I dont do it right ,but they always look crappy ,and make a straight line ,no elegant curved smile ,so I sculpt it out myself. Interested in your update...Smile