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Full Version: What kinds of fall pedi's are you offering?
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I am trying to come up with some new add-on's for pedicures.
Besides pumpkin, i still want to find a scrub or mask that feels warm. I didn't buy the CND earth warming one yet. Anyone have an opinion about it?
I was looking for a mask that once dries you peel it off.
If I do pumpkin what soak has the greatest scent? I need to give the clients a WOW. I wonder if CND has a pumpkin scented cream.
I see they have an apple cinnamon. ANy ideas on a soak and scrub for apple cinnamon?
Thanks so much
Not scent related, but for extra warmth what about a soy massage candle? Nice and toasty for winter treats for the feet! I'm going to be buying some that are made here in Washington using mostly organic ingredients, but also she uses GMO free soy for her candles.