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Full Version: Few on massage thread plz help if u can.
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I had a man come in my salon asking if he could just get a foot massage due to working on concrete all day. He said he had a full body massage one day and found that the foot massage was what he really needed. I'm certified to do feet, hands and face but really never used it. I thought it would be a good service to bring more people in but have no idea what to charge for 15 or 20 mins. I left a message on the Reflexology board but with few people on it I'm thinking no one will see it. Does anyone do just a massage on the feet for a fee?
Yes, I do. Clients love it. I charge 30-40.00 per half hour. I wouldn't do it for less time. I use OPI hand sanitizer initially, followed by a 12 or 13 minute massage on each leg then use very warm wet hand towels from my towel warmer to finish up. Best of luck
The going rate for where I am located is $1/minute. Call some massage places and see what their rate is.
I've thought about offering this as a separate service, but don't really have room for it in my schedule. What I would probably do is have a 10 minute soak followed by a 15 minute massage for $25, or a 15 minute soak and a 25 minute massage for $42. It's not $1/minute like massage typically is, but when they're soaking you know we're off nibbling on our salads or checking Facebook. Smile My prices would be relative to my pedicure charges, as my basic pedicure is $42 and I book 1.25 hrs - though it really only takes an hour.
We offer an extra ten minutes of massage for 8$ but not as a stand alone service. I think it's a good idea though. I would charge no less than 1$ per minute of actual massage time. I also would personally do a foot soak first, even if it's just five minutes.

Just from personal experience as well, anything more than 10 minutes straight of foot massage can start to get tough on your fingers and thumbs unless you use other "tools". For the soles of the feet I use my fist/knuckles to press and twist. You can get some really good pressure with less effort and less wear and tear on your body. You can also use your forearms to do some effleurage strokes on the lower leg. Using your thumb and index finger to lightly rub between the toes feels awesome too, and you don't need to use a lot of pressure.
Thanks so much for your replies. I think I'm going with $1 a min. and in my area no one else does this so I should get more people in the door with this service. Love this board!! You guys are the greatest!!