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Full Version: Please help me word my sign for walk ins
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Hi everyone,

I have a home based business that does well enough but slows down in the winter months like most places. However, I want to redo my sign at the road to say something like walk ins by chance. Keep in mind that my big sign on my lawn says by appointment only. I always have a little sign like a real estate sign size advertising different specials. On my slower days I would like to have more business without the commitment of being here all the time. So I guess what I'm saying is I need words on that little sign so if they pull up and walk all the way to the back of the house and I'm not here they can't be pissed, ya know?
What do you all think? Will this upset my current clients when I'm with them and a walk in pops in? I'm thinking it will but I want to be busier.

Thanks for reading!
Can you put the sign out when you don't have a client and bring it back in once it's past the time you could start a service and finish in time for your next appointment? Over time people would learn you only take walk ins when the sign is out?
Hey Candice,

I have done as you suggested but the only problem is for years I've been by appointment takes a lot of time for people to get used to it. Once I seen a sign at an artists place it said, by appointment or chance on his sign. Thought that was cool.
Oh, I meant make a Walk Ins Welcome sign and put it out during the times you are available and bring it in during appointments.
This is what I currently do on slow days but wanted to word it so people could take a chance walking in without me having to go out to the road daily and in between clients to put a sign out.

I've seen a sign years ago that read by appointment or chance.

Thanks for your help Candice!

Too bad u can't have a neon "vacancy" or "no vacancy" type sign u could turn on and off from inside like a motel Smile
Lol, that would be cool, funny thing I was thinking the same thing.Big GrinBig Grin

They have pre-made neon signs that say "Walk-Ins Welcome". why not just get one of those?
That would seem like the easiest thing to do, you're right but I do not want the commitment of having to be here all day to accommodate walk ins. I have a larger sign in front and a smaller one that I write on for specials and what not. I am looking to put some kind of wording on the smaller one closer to the road regarding walk ins.

This way when I feel like it I can unlock the door to accept walk ins and when I don't I can simply lock my door without clients being upset that they parked their vehicle and walked around to the back to find the business closed...ya know what I mean.

So maybe something like walk ins take a chance? By appt or chance.

Thanks for your help!
Walk in time available now. Don't miss it!!!!
Walk in always welcome if time allow.

event if you are busy when you get a walk in, it's a chance to meet a new client to hand out your card so that you will be in mind for their next visit, you can tell them to call before they come to check for the daily availability time slot for walk in and you do offer appointment.
Thanks, that's great advice everyone!!
Walk-ins Welcome, Time Permitting
Then on smaller letters under that- To save a walk, please call.
with your phone number, then they can call before they make the walk.
Would it be a mistake to post your phone number?
So many people have cell phones, if they stop they could call you and ask if you are available rather than having to walk back and interrupt, or find you are not at home (I live in the LA area where you do not want people to know you are not at home, yikes)
... just noticed, that was what Tn Nail Lady said...
plus once they have called, if you are not available you can offer something else, often once someone has spoken to you, they are more likely to book...
now you are not a stranger.