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Full Version: Is This Salon Owner Right or Wrong?
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First time renting a booth and I thought when renting you did as you pleased. The owner is calling a meeting tomorrow on everyones day off to talk about taking flyers and putting them on mailboxes in a community. I find that this is both the owners doing if they want to advertise and not for us to have to do this. I have no intention of doing this and plan to tell her through my experience it's a waste of time and that a better plan would be to take the flyers to a market event going on Sat. and they can pass them out there. Am I wrong? At times both owners will leave the building all day expecting one of us to hold the fort down which causes us not to leave when we want to. Advice from a Salon owner would be grately appreciated.
Hey girl... well, let me tell ya.. if you are indeed a booth renter--paying rent to the owner then NO she cannot tell you what to do other than the normal business rules...such as...the towels go here, trash can needs emptied..etc etc... you are self employed when you rent. You can definitely chose to participate if you want to..anything to build the business... but she cannot make you do anything.
Sounds like you are going to have to stand up to her and put your foot down. Might as well do it now then letting it build up and up.... just make her understand thats why you chose to rent-- so you could run/operate your own business. And as far as the owners should have your own key, and be able to come and go as you please. If they leave...and you need to be somewhere.... lock up and go!!!! Period. Grow a set and stand up for yourself is the best advice I can offer... SmileSmile good luck sweetie...
Well, as a salon owner I can tell you this is why I wouldn't have booth renters. Smile No, they can't tell you you can't leave when they take off, they can't require you to come in on your day off, and they can't tell you that you have to participate in anything other than what's in your written contract. What they can do, unfortunately, is make you miserable if you don't. I would very calmly remind them that you are self-employed and simply renting space, and maybe start keeping an eye out for a different location if they freeze you out after.

When I was booth renting, there were several things the hair stylists wanted to do that I didn't participate in. Believe me, they subtly let me know I wasn't being a team player. That's okay, because I'm really not much of one. Smile My disinterest was primarily due to the fact that I was the only nail tech, and everything they did put the emphasis on hair services.
As a booth renter you should have a contract which will outline the responsibilities and expectations for both parties. It should include hours of operation. When I had a salon in a mall our business HAD to be open during mall hours.

If you enjoy working there, have a meeting and make or review your contract with the owner and raise your concerns, if this job is just a stepping stone, then maybe it is time to move on.

And as an owner they can come and go as they please but there should be a manager on duty to deal with walk ins and answer phones.

I think a one on one talk with the owner is needed. Maybe the owner doesn't really understand what the difference is between booth rental and employee.
I'm co-signing with what the ladies previously stated about your rights as a renter. You should absolutely not HAVE to participate in group marketing efforts if you aren't feeling them. However, there will be a meeting taking place that COULD stand to benefit your business.

Another way to look at this thing is that if you attend you stand the chance of being able to influence your co-renters into pooling their resources into what you feel is a more beneficial plan of action for you all. It's kind of like the LOTTO, "You can't win it if you aren't in it!"

I say go (if ya can or ya wanna) and go prepared to present YOUR ideas. Collectively you'd have a larger budget (possibly billboards, radio air time, local commercials etc...)and if you can direct that budget in your favor then why not?
As a renter, the owner cannot require you to attend the meeting.

But, if you don't participate in salon meetings, then don't expect to benefit from any benefits that come as a result of them, either. And don't complain when/if you stop getting invited to them, or when the salon "team" no longer includes you in their ideas.

Many many techs would love to work in a salon where the owner takes an active role in the promotion of the salon and the salon team.

On the other hand... ABSOLUTELY NO putting flyers in mail boxes! OMG! "Federal offense" and such... but door hangers throughout neighborhoods is ok-- although not everyone will love it. At least it's not illegal.