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Full Version: Paint my Shellac Lamp?
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Hello! First for my sob story:

Back almost exactly one year ago, I was excited to finally get my hands on a shiny new CND Shellac lamp and began experimenting on myself with Shellacity goodness. Somewhere in the midst of my excitement, I accidentally grabbed my acetone bottle instead of my alcohol bottle to clean off a rather large gloop of Shellac that I spilled on top of my lamp. You know what that means. This pretty much broke my heart, and after a year of cringing every time I pull my lamp out, I want it pretty again!

I've read that some of you have painted your lamps before. Is there any special paint you need to use? Any special "sealer"? I wasn't sure if all paints were safe or if something might cause a weird reaction or whatnot...I think I'd like for my lamp to either be a cerulean blue (like the walls in my studio!) or some ridiculous pink.


I painted my PNI 36 watt tunnel lamp with a crazy me design. I used regular acrylic paint, and some metallic acrylic paint, like Plaid, folk art, creme coat, any brand really and I sealed it with mod podge luster gloss. That was so long ago and my lamp gets really hot on top. It has never peeled up or bubbled in any way. Still there like the first day. Easy to wipe with alcohol too.
I also painted the top of my sterilizer tray to match. I did not cover the entire lamp though, and if you do, leave an edge so you can bring the mod podge sealer over the paint and onto the lamp, so the paint is really secured under the mod podge. You can also add a coat of mod podge and sprinkle glitter all over and let it dry then add another coat to seal that in. I also did NOT sand my plastic, I didn't need to with this lamp, if your lamp is super glossy you might run a light sand paper just to scuff it so the paint will attach better
[Image: lamp1.jpg]
How big is the Acetone/oops spot? I know you asked about paint, but what about a large sticker/decal. The vinyl ones from the craft store or online. They stick to walls, laptop tops, mirrors etc. Then when you get bored or it gets messed up you can peel it off and put a new one on.
Nice, sobeit! Glad to hear all I need is some craft paint and mod podge!

The oopse spot is pretttyyyy big. So big, it even goes across to the button side, so it's not like I could get away with only painting the cover. The whole lamp needs a makeover.

We just had a Hobby Lobby open up here, so this'll be a good excuse to check them out Big Grin.
Post pictures when you're done! I'm excited to see! I wish I could paint the one at the shop I'm at, but the shop owns it, not me. Sad
Some of that great designer Duct tape at Hobby Lobby works wonders too!
"Shellacity goodness" :lol: That sounds like something I'd say!
You might want to check if the acetone went into the grooves and melted the lid to the lamp, my BFF did that!
There is a picture of one completely bedazzled in this month's Nails Magazine. Has anyone tried that?