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Full Version: open house ideas
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I am a nail tech at a full service salon and we are having an open house and all the Hair poeple are giving out free samples of shampoo, conditioner, ect. They all get them free from the reps. I would like to be able to give some gifts too but as a nail tech i am not sure what to buy. I am looking for some ideas and do not want to spend tons of money. I looked into logo emery boards but i do not want to buy 5000 of them. Thanks for your ideas!

You could buy some small .25 oz bottles and fill them with cuticle oil. Make a little hangtag or sticker with your info on it and put them on the bottles
I second the cuticle also can get those little sheer drawstring bags and put bath salts in them with the oil...and put one of your cards on it with an offer to come see you!!!! Its a nice little gift and fairly inexpensive. Nailite sells the little bottles for .$50 ea and u cld make your own oil w some fragrance oils or essential oils....or most nail tech supply companies online sell gallons real cheap...but im not impressed. We got nailites and its dedinitely Not Solar Oil....but there are some ideas. Wink