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Full Version: LED lights
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I cant afford to spend the money on a name brand LED light so i was wondering how the LED light that Sally's carry for the Gelish works. Has anyone tried it? I need your oppions.

Thank You
The small Gelish mini pro (NOT the one the uses batteries) works just fine for 4 fingers. Must do thumbs separate.

It's very light and could move around a lot on your table depending on who is using it, but otherwise gives a good cure.
Or if you have an Ulta near you, They have the same light under the Red Carpet Manicure brand for $50 and you can use a coupon (they have coupons online if you don't get them mailed to you)


I was thinking maybe it'll work with my Gelish. I want to use it at home and want your opinions. I'm currently not in a Salon, so it's not for using with clients.

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Its funny because I just spoke to them today and she told me about the light. As soon as I heard the price I said I will wait. I don't think my boss is willing to spend that much right now. You are soooo lucky.