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Full Version: Gel polishes
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Ok, so I have posted before that after 9 yrs out I am jumping back into the industry. I have my date to take my board exams to reinstate my license. Yea, will never let THAT expire again! Anyhow, I have to replace everything.... I mean EVERYTHING. I am already over $1500 into this and still have a lot to buy. Can anyone suggest an inexpensive gel polish line I can buy a kit to start with so I can slowly build up a good collection after I start working?
Go for the best (mani-q IMO) and get creative with mixing. I'm sure if you call them they will walk you through options on how to stretch the colors.
I mix my own! I use cosmetic grade pigment powders from Coastal Scents and Gelousy One-Step. With about a dozen pigments ($1.00 each) and a 4 oz bottle of OneStep, you can create any color you can imagine. Application is perfect and soak off is about 7-8 minutes. My clients love the fact that I create their own color and they have a blast dreaming up names.
Wow what a great idea!! I might have to give that a go...where do you get your pigments at? What is the specific name of them.
To get to the question at hand I would think that at would be your best bet. They have a really good deal with the polish/light combo. They are in pots tho...but still work well. Also, you can find IBD Just gel online around $7-8 s bottle. Get a cheap 9watt light, and you could probably get a good start going for around $100-150. I would think these ideas would be the best deal for ya.... Theres a tech on here that represents the manicuresthatlast...(ive forgotten the proper name of the compnayy.....( I will go look for the website and post it.

here it is...its actually a part of Guccio..I had this helps and best wishes to u!! Smile
The pigments are from Coastal Scents, but there's a lot of mineral makeup sites that sell them. TEN also sells them and they have the only true red I can find. Also, Micheals, HobbyLobby and such have PearlEx pigments which you can also use. I bought a sample set of mineral makeup powder foundations and blushes from Coastal to make nail bed colors. You can experiment with eyeshadows too. Just fluff the surface of the eyeshadow with a brush and mix it into the gel. I've been mixing stuff with gel for years with no problems.
How do you display gel polish in pots?
rather than display the colors like polish, you'd need to put the colors on a tip wheel. The only problem with mixing is the inability to repair a broken nail on a mixed color where it matches the others. I still mix for one client and I mix enough so that there's enough to do repairs and possibly one other fill service. After that I have to mix another batch. I actually was running out of room to keep all the mixures tho I created a storage solution using small cups to hold the mix stored in plastic tip boxes. It worked great but still if you start keeping several, it runs into a hassle.
I love the ease of having the colors premixed now.
Then you just have to dig for whatever pot color they pick?
You can number the swatches and the lids on the pots to match. Get one of those little 3 drawer cabinets from dollar general for your gel polish. Keep 1-10 in the top drawer...11-20 in the second...and so on. Easy breezy Smile
Good idea!
Anyone use the IBD Just Gel Polish?
The pigments that you are referring to, can you put those directly into bottles of gel polish such as gelish and opi?
Ive heard that also is a good line. I dont think u really can go wrong as long as u go with a "brand name" selection. They pretty much all are the same. Their are a cpl boards out there where non professionals post swatches/colors and i guess Artistic color gloss and either EZflow or Mani-q are identical colors...and gelish & another line ive never heard of. So..just like regular polish how many vats of gel polish can their actually be?? Im quite sure not that many. Im pretty certain that if we the actual truth behind the industry as a whole it wld be astonishing to see how many lines are the same and just repackaged. Then its up to the company to market and "sell" their unique product and make us like it over a "competitor". I dunno.....just a thght. That one forum is i think and look up swatches to see what i mean Wink toodles
***we knew the truth