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Full Version: CND Performance Tips
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Not sure how official this is ,but I think CND is discontinuing there Performance tips. I only use the white ones ,but do any of you know of a similar type of tip that is super thin and well-less ?
If a distributor told you the tips were being discontinued I wouldn't belive it.

No, I guess I am making an educated guess based on their recent lack of availability at my local supplier ,and not finding them readily available on line. I have also been purchasing the 360 tip boxes for half price ,because I am having nb trouble finding them available anywhere I usually can.
Well a couple of years ago I started using Nailites tips....way.. WAY cheaper and I actually like them better. They have a huge selection, so I would check them out. I normally was using Formation tips from CND, but I use the Futura now..and they are so much nicer-- thinner and much easier to blend... I would never go back to CND's tips... You can get a box of 500 for I think like $20bucks... a deal...and then a 50 ct refil is only $3 I believe..Smile
Thanks ! I actually have some of their white tips with the deep u smile ,they dont fit most people that well ,but I love them. I will take your advice ,and try a different style white ,since the quality is pretty decent....Smile
I use tips from Hollywood Nail Supply. The refills ate like $1 a bag. I really like them