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Full Version: Has anyone used Brisa sculpting gel for toenails?
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I liked Nailite's clear soak off gel for toenail reconstruction and I was able to use only the clear with the LED lamp.
I was wondering if Brisa sculpting gel is good or better.
The description says for fingers and toes.
I need to place an order with PNS so i would prefer to pay shipping once and not have to order from two different companies. I also don't want to dislike the product.
Thanks so much
It will not cure with an LED lamp, if that is an issue for you. I also don't recommend to apply a traditional hard gel on toes (especially big toes) unless your clients are going to be meticulous about returning often for maintenance. The gel on the nails will provide a very rigid overlay which can cause trauma to the natural nail underneath if the nails are not kept short when worn inside closed-toe shoes.
What hard gel would you recommend that I can use with an LED?
Thank you so much.

One that specifically cures in an LED lamp Smile I don't use them so I can't really give a recommendation...but off the top of my head I know Gelish & Artistic make one, maybe start there?