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Full Version: Mosaic Nail Tips
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Just got a package of mosaic nail tips and I'm anxious to try them out. Does anyone have any hints about how to use these? I looked on youtube for some tutorials and the ones on there aren't too easy to understand. I would prefer information on using them with gels if anyone has it.

thanks, Sue
Hey! How come no one is responding? I need some advice!

Wish I could help but I have never used them
I don't even know what they are - and I don't use any tips... Are they not a professional product? If they are then the manufacturer should have some instructions I should think.
Is this what you are referring to?

They look really cool! I'm just finding them on ebay. Where did you get them from?

Never mind, I see Naio sells them in the UK.
that's where I got them but I saw them in Nails Magazine last year. But I couldn't get onto the website of the manufacturer. That tutorial is kinda what I was looking for but I only do gels so I'll have to try it with them.
Can you post a pic of them? I might have a couple boxes, think i tried them once...not sure if they are the same ones though...