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Full Version: Can someone look at my prices?
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I hope this is okay to do, but I will be starting in a new salon in a couple weeks and I wanted some input. I will be the only nail tech working part time. Booth rent is $75 per week. I have been licensed for several years but have never truly gotten into the industry so I am still a tad rusty.

* Dry Manicure/Polish Change $10
* With Shellac or Gelish $15
* Rockstar Glitter *20
Includes trimming, shaping, and polish.

* Classic Manicure $15
* With Shellac or Gelish $20
* Rockstar Glitter $25
Includes hand soak, exfoliating scrub, massage, trimming, shaping, and polish.

* Pedicure $25
Includes foot soak, trimming, shaping, exfoliating scrub, massage and polish.
* With Shellac or Gelish $28
* Rockstar Glitter $30

* Shellac Removal Only $8
Includes removal, shaping and trimming. Does not include polish.

* Shellac Removal followed by any other service $5

* Nail art $2-$10 extra


I don't know where your located so I would say before you set your price list look at the prices of salons similar to your own and see what they are charging. If you haven't already that is. Your prices look a little low to me, especially your dry mani shellac. I charge $20 for shellac alone, or a $10 add on to any service. I would up your SOGP to at least $10 additional. The dry shellac mani should be more. In my opinion that is. If this is your intro price it will be difficult to up it to regular price when the time comes. I would again compare prices with those around me, and then set them to compete, but give out intro cards for one service at a discount price. They key is to be lower than some but not cheap. Cheap nails aren't good and good nails aren't cheap. It costs money do provide the service and shellac is pricey. I wish you all the best in the world, just don't short change yourself.
Where are you located?

I did my list according to prices of salons around my area Big Grin.
Check prices in your area. These all seem low to me. $75 Booth Rent- you need to charge a bit more. You don't have to over charge, but don't give your services away. I am planning on doing a new price check in my area before the new year and adjust accordingly.
I charge $10 for a polish change but the only thing I do is shape the nails if needed. That is fingers or toes, and I charge $3 more for French for the extra time. Basic mani is along the same price. My basic pedi is $35 and express is $25- which is a glorified soak, trim, polish, and cuticle oil only.
Gel Polish mani is $25 gel polish pedi is 40
You don't mention enhancements.
In the least you should up your gel polish services to $10 or more on top of whatever your mani or pedi services are.

Just by adding $5 you arent covering your extra time, product or UV bulb usage.
I charge more for a basic mani than you're charging for your classic. What you have listed that comes with your classic is what I call a delux and is $30. That doesn't include any sog.

Have two levels of mani's, the bare bones and an upper level.
My basic is cuticle remover, shaping, lotion massage on the hand only and polish--$20
My Delux is cuticle remover, shaping, sugar exfoliation, lotion massage from elbow to hand, paraffin dip and polish--$30
Your prices are low. One thing I have learned is never start out to low on your prices it is very hard to go up . Like it been said don't short change your self