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My husband & I have been having a discussion in appointment calenders.
I've been doing nails nails for 17 years. I have always used an appointment book from Staples. Its my life. Work & personal spots go in it. Well, in the last 6 years or so I am not busy at all. My husband hates that I spend $25 or so on an appt book and keeps pushing me to use a computer one instead. I do use Style Seat bit I don't like putting in personal info on it.
What do you gals use? I thought of Google Calender but I'm having an issue with syncong to my phone.

Any ideas? Thanks.
google calendar for me and I'm having no issues with sync'ing it to my motorola android phone or my husbands.. I guess its easier when you have an android as opposed to an iphone or blackberry
I was paper forever myself, then moved to a palm pilot now to the android phone.. love it And google allows you to export for back up as well as have multiple calendars so you can just look at your biz or biz & personal or biz, personal, vacation schedule, or even hubby's schedule. so for this reason I am finding it VERY handy.

I also am using an app on the android called Business Calendar by Appgenix Software in the Google Play Store, it was cheap enough and extremely powerful and versatile
I too have an Android phone. I must not be doing something right.
go to your app store thing on the phone and look up that calendar app.. there is a "lite" free version and if I remember the full pay version was very reasonable. If you have your google account set up on your phone it should suck the calendar right in..