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Hello, I was wondering how often you change your UV bulbs.
I have the Shellac UV lamp and it tells you how many hours you have left before you need to change the bulbs, but I was wondering how accurate the countdown timer is??? Thanks, Kelly*
You can certainly go by the timer Smile! Just know that once the timer runs out, the lights won't turn on unless you replace them (the lamp will make a really annoying beeping noise for a few seconds in revolt). Because of this, and because it takes me a while to get the top off the lamp, and because iIam horribly forgetful, I normally replace my bulbs when there are a few hours left on the timer. Don't forget to reset the timer after changing your bulbs (it won't do it automatically).
Sorry, I love the lamp but my timer does NOT work...and I had service breakdowns before I was time for new bulbs.