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Full Version: What do you use for ventilation?
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I'll be working in a room with windows but no ventilation. What do you all use to help with the vapors and dust?
WTAC installed in the table for fine dust, and a restroom type ceiling vent fan for vapors.
I use the Salon Pure Air - it handles dust and fumes. I also have The One That Works, which is a whole room air purifier - I use that when I'm doing acrylics or working with acetone and don't want the Salon Pure Air to be on the whole time.
Thanks for your replies, I'll look into to them.
(08-30-2012, 09:04 PM)Monti Wrote: [ -> ]I'll be working in a room with windows but no ventilation. What do you all use to help with the vapors and dust?
Well, I was have asked this question before I start my work, no one answered me. I went there and it was the toughest week in my life, I coulldn't breath because of the dust.
I believe you are lucky that you found an answer from MicheleMLCP, and I would recommend that answer for you...
I have two systems as well. I have a Honeywell system in the ceiling that is used in hospitals, bars, etc. it has a charcoal filter. It was expensive.I also cannot honestly recommend in addition I have a high grade bathroom vent that is vented to the outside. Between the two it helps with the fumes and dust. The vent is in the ceiling as well. If I could I would have run the duct work down the inside of the wall and placed the plate right beside my desk. Acrylic fumes are heavier than air so it takes more time for the fumes to ascend to the ceiling, this leaving it in the room longer to linger. I also have this vent directly over my desk. I also use one of those tiny fans to blow the dust and fumes from beneath our noses. I also had one of the sunflower lamps that YN sells, however it is in the trunk of my car. My clients did not care for it because while it did manage to consume some of the dust it also blew dust back out onto my clients. With the sunflower as well, the light in it is flat and the acrylic dust would cake up on it if you didn't clean it daily. What I do miss about it is that it helped pull the immediate fumes from my face.
We use the Sunflower for dust removal at our salon. I love it. It is true that you do need to clean it daily or the dust will build up over the light, but that only takes a few seconds. I haven't had any of my clients complain about it blowing dust at them. The only thing I might say is a problem is the size of it. It is fairly large.