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Full Version: Nail Art Timing/Pricing
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I recently posted a couple of questions about nail art. The responses I have received have been absolutely wonderful and amazing. Great tips, referrals to videos etc. Thank you, I feel I am a part of a truly incredible community.
These responses have made me realize that I must reach outside of my box. Though I work in an area where most of my clients prefer modest pink or pink and white, I have a passion for nail art and want to learn more. Some are willing to let me play.
My "box" is this. My clients are hard gel clients. I rebalance in approximately 50-55 minutes. (includes color/tips/easy art like swirls, dots etc.). I love the acrylic paint art designs, and polish designs I have been viewing online. I fear the dry time will really throw me off. I currently book on the hour. I've tried a few Nail art designs with paints, and think I didn't allow enough time to cure as there was some peeling of the art off the gel. I have always applied another layer of gel on top to protect the color. Perhaps that is my problem. How much time do you add to a service for art? Are you applying a gel top coat? I've never charged for art if I can have the appointment completed in the regular scheduled time. Any ideas how to charge? I'm so excited, but don't want to lose money in the process. Thank you guys and gals.
I don't book extra time unless someone specifically tells me they want something special - stilettos, spinning bead, or detailed painting on all 10 nails - most things I can do in the regularly allotted time. One thing, though - I generally book an extra 10-15 minutes for each service so I can clean, re-set table, check out and rebook the client, and hopefully spend a few minutes moving around tidying up or just taking a break - so, if someone wants art, it just removes some break/cleaning time.

My charges really depend on what we're doing. When it comes to acrylic & gel nails, I always include two glitters/colors/confetti in the base price. Your charges may be different than mine if your service prices are lower or higher than mine, but here are a few examples of what I charge for finger nails:
-marbling (gel polish)
-dots and swirls

-multiple colors

-detailed flowers, dots & wavy lines
-using 4 or more colors of gel polish

I'm tired, so I can't think of any more right now, even though I know I offer so many more options!
Thank you very much, great guideline.
I do a lot of nail art but it's usually pretty simple stuff (palm trees, flowers, leopard, zebra, dots, etc). If they only want it on a few nails, I charge a dollar or two per nail. If they are asking for argyle, strawberries, watermelon (something that covers the entire nail) and they want it on every nail or two big toes, then I usually charge $15 - $ just depends on how long it takes me. Because I do so much art, my clients always let me know when they book their appointment so I can schedule in the extra time. All of that I do with polish or acrylic paint.

If we are doing gel polish and they want to do more extensive decoration like adding lace over the polish or something like "cupcake" nails,or what I call peek a boo rockstar, again, I charge according to how much time it takes me and also how many colors of gel or glitter they use.

Thank you, I'd sure love to see your stuff
Question-- if doing UV hard gel-- you do nail art with *acrylic paints? Gel polish? Soak of gel? Regular polish?
What's the BEST to work with as well as fastest & long lasting?
What's the top coat-- another layer of UV hard gel with a sealer or JUST the sealer?
And does it vary with brands of UV hard gel, GP, SOG, nail polish, acrylic paints?
Thanks *AS ALWAYS* !