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Full Version: What is your prep?
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We all know that prepping the natural nail is super important to prevent lifting. Im curious to hear what yours steps are and what you use or may do differently to get the job done.
I follow the Tammy Taylor prep steps for acrylics and gel polish. They are on her website.
Sanitize, push back cuticle and remove any "flyers", remove shine from nail plate, dust away from the cuticle toward the free edge with a manicure brush, and my added step at this point- clean with a nail wipe with alcohol, then depending on what I do, prime and place a form or place a tip, then prime natural nail only.... With the gel polish, I sometimes prime then apply my two thin coats of color and cure each coat for 2 minutes under UV. I know, no base or top- it is in the color with Gelprisa.
Thanks...i am asking this bc i am spending waaaaayy to much time on my prep. I really dont have alot of lifting, (im talking with acrylics), but just getting ready for application. Drilling out the smile line and getting the natural nail ready is almost an hour by itself ugh!