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Full Version: Nail pro Sacramento
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Have any of you been to Nailpro Sacramento? What are your thoughts? did you like it or would you prefer waiting to go to Premier Orlando?( I heard they were one of the better shows.) what about iSse Midwest in Chicago. Any feedback would be great.
Very curious as wellSmile
I have never attended the Nailpro shows, but I hear they are quite good and almost entirely nails! The Nailpro shows are far smaller than something like the others: Premiere Orlando, ISSE Midwest, or even the Long Beach show in late Jan. If the show is local to you, then I say why not do more than one?? Premiere Orlando is THE show to attend for nail techs. Beside a dedicated nail show (such as the Nailpro shows or a nail networking day), Premiere is the ONLY show organizer who recognizes us as a viable part of the industry!