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Full Version: Prizma Acrylic/Gelousy Gel
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Would it be okay to mix some Tammy Taylor Prizma colored acrylic into Gelousy gels for more color options? Or would this affect the integrity of the gel?
YOu could mix a bit but like anything else you mix in gel, it can keep the UV from properly curing the gel. I tried doing that, trying to get an opaque coverage gel before there were any other there. I got lots of lifting because it was TOO opaque. If you were to do it, you need to make it like gel polish, the first coat you should be able to see thru, the second would be the same but when applied over the first, it makes the nail opaque. That way you're getting the gel cured properly.
Sounds too risky. Thanks Donna,
You can mix pigment powders into your gel. They are available from TEN, Coastal Scents, MAC, etc. I quit wasting my hard earned money on colored gels loooong ago. The possibilities are endless. You can even dust the dispersion layer with eyeshadow, just as if you were doing a rockstar design. Check out Robin Moses youtube channel for ideas.
Thank you, Robin's YouTube videos are Amazing. Posting a new question.