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Full Version: Caviar nails, Cosmic+Shellac
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[Image: 523060_2785092165709_417104970_n.jpg]
Zoya Surf with caviar beads. Idk about the beads but they did last longer than i thought.

[Image: 581312_2771996958337_1231022969_n.jpg]
Shellac plus me trying the cosmic nail trend

[Image: 542429_2893088225543_1199504278_n.jpg]
ECO clear soak off base with 10cent Michael's clearance glitter pressed into the tacky.

[Image: 530255_3049142566804_1178847682_n.jpg]
This one I did on my 9 yr old niece reg ole polish and Martha Stewart transfer foil kit. Its China Glaze Purple Panic and the ring finger i used famous names base then cut the foil stickers to size and put them on then i pressed the teal foil over the stickers and added a rhinestone.

Any new trends I should try next?
Cute, cute! I must have slept on this one. Please tell me more about this cosmic nail trend. How do you create these?
we sell those beads in the BT Shoppe!
i used Rock Royalty and different grades of glitter i thought could be star colors. just played around with it really ive seen some that really look like the galaxy. thanks Debbie i had some in my bling box that i got a long time ago before the caviar thing started
when using glitter and pressing into tacky layer, do you cure for the 2 min time or different? I tried and it didn't work for me.
Press into sticky layer then dry brush the extra off and top coat then cure for 2 min
(08-29-2012, 08:53 PM)MitcheleSheree Wrote: [ -> ]Press into sticky layer then dry brush the extra off and top coat then cure for 2 min

OO! Makes sense! Thank you. Let the glittering begin!
[Image: 574810_3106422678771_1493438962_n.jpg]

here is my new mani i did before my sons baseball game. its Shellac and foil and Cina rounds