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Full Version: Sensationail Gel LED light
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I just saw this kit at Walmart and I was thinking maybe it'll work with my Gelish. I want to use it at home and want your opinions. I'm currently not in a Salon, so it's not for using with clients. I have my Professional UV lights, but want to see if this works. Has anyone used it?

Thanks Girls
Any opinions on this?
I havent seen it but i rembr the last time this product waa brought up their waa alot of animosity because of the " professional" who represents it. Do u know what kind of light it is? Seeing the recent discussions of the little gelish light from Sallys might prove to be a good little investment? Sorry cldnt of been more help.
I've tested both the Walmart lamp and Gelish lamp from Sally's with our gel polishes, and both cured in 30-60 seconds depending on the darkness of the actual color. That suggest that Gelish and our gel polishes cure in a similar UVA wavelength. The lamps are simple and really suitable for home-users not regular salon use. Hope this helps.