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Full Version: I need some table ideas!
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I have this nail table:,pd.html

I like the size and shape of the top, but I'd like to replace the cabinets with a couple of drawer units. I have a riser on top which my 2 gel lamps are in. I have electrical cords EVERYWHERE so I'm looking for ideas to get them out of my way. I also use a Partigon, and getting it out of the way and incorporating it into the cabinet somehow would be great. If anyone has a set up that hides your cords I'd love to see some pics. Any and all ideas greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
Jan in CO
Check out the cable organizers at Best Buy or somewhere similar. I got the adhesive backed ones and stuck them underneath my table leading to the far left edge (since I am right handed) where the power strip is mounted. As far as designing your table overall, you should diagram all of the things you use daily (all day long) and lay them out on the floor to see how much space you need from a table and cabinets.
Genius idea to diagram all the things I use daily. Thanks!
I have the cords wrapped with Velcro zip-ties and 2 powerstrips under the tabletop and glued to each cabinet, so the cords come over the front (client side) of the table. Trouble is the lamps are more right in front of me than off to each side, so the backs of the lamps are in my way as much as the cords. I'm tempted to take a chainsaw to it and start over from scratch!
If you look for the cable organizers, there should be some fittings for the cords to go directly through the top of the table. I have just a very small hole drilled behind my lamps and such for the cords to go directly down.