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Full Version: Gelish bottle brush is bent
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I opened one of my bottles of Gelish today and the brush bristles were bent. It wasn't that way before. There's no way I can polish with it. Has anyone else had this happen? I don't know what happened and I hope the rest of my Gelish bottle brushes don't do it.
Contact Harmony and ask them if they will send you a new brush. I've been using Gelish for a few years and have never had that happen, so I can't be of any help as to why it happened.

Just an FYI though, I had a few colors of Gelish change on my clients after they had it on about a week. I talked to someone at Harmony and to be honest, they couldn't give me an acceptable answer as to why the color had changed and it was a bit difficult to get them to replace the color, but after some persistance, they finally did let me exchange it. Hopefully it won't be that difficult for you to get a new brush!
Most likely you gel has a cured spot in the bottle and even if you get a new brush--it's going to get bent again. I would ask them to exchange the bottle. I do not like those windows. Especially on the glitter ones. I put a sticker over them.
Claudia is right, look in the bottle and you'll likely find that the product has started to cure. I've had one bottle of Gelish that completely cured and I threw it out (not thinking), I have about 6 other colors that are partially cured in there - such a big fat waste of money! Replacing the brush won't help, as Claudia said. It does seem that it happens with the lighter/sheer colors - I think I will stop investing in Gelish and just do glitter/shimmers with mani-Q and pigment powders.
I had that happen on Vegas Nights. Not fun and costs me money