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I recently purchased 4 of the gelish magnento each containing magnetic gel polish and magnetic lacquer. I have tried and tried to get a design and thought I was the problem. However, my daughters (who also do nails) tried and they were not successful. Is there a trick to it?
I will be returning them back to CosmoPro because i am so disappointed and feel I have wasted my money
Are you holding the magnet over the nail BEFORE curing the second coat? I've never had a problem with any of the colors.
I can't get the regular polish to work as good, I have to hold the magnet over each finger as immediately or it is too dry to work. The gel polish works beautifully. Just do it before you cure the second coat. If it looks funny I just do another coat and kind of "roll" the magnet around the nail, without touching the nail bed, that way the design goes across the whole nail plate. Have you tried each of the magnets, in case one of them doesn't work? I did notice that one of the colors, the magnet didn't seem as strong so I had to use the magnet that came with a different color. HTH
I just returned them to CosmoPro. Apparently, I need to learn before purchasing. I did try two of the magnets and put it immediately over the 2nd coat (as instructed). so I just ended up calling it quits until I can take a class or someone that can teach me (hands on)!