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Full Version: Shea Butter and Nut Allergies
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Hey Nail Peoples, does anyone here have any personal/salon experience with folks having reactions to shea butter due to nut allergies? I'm googling but I'm not finding a definitive answer. Thanks.
I've often wondered about this myself. I have one client who has a daughter who is about 9 years old. She has a lot of allergies, and has very bad nut allergies, but her mom told me that she has used products with shea butter in it without any issues. She was confident enough to allow her daughter to use my sugar scrub and hand lotion (both contain a lot of shea butter) when she was getting a manicure for her birthday, and she did not have a reaction.
Consider this: Even the people with severe peanut allergies can eat food fried in peanut oil without issue. The allergie lies in the protein and not in the fat of the nut (well for peanuts it's technically a legume). Most fast food places fry in peanut oil and you would have a lot more people with severe reactions if it were a problem.

I think it may be the same for Shea. Your using the oil and that does not contain the allergens that nut allergy people have problems with.

Just a thought, I have no scientific proof.
Thanks ladies.