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Full Version: IBD new gel polish review
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(05-23-2013, 07:16 PM)loribe Wrote: [ -> ]I know this is an old post but just a reminder; Beyond Polish has this for $6.50 a bottle plus 10% off this month!

I have ordered from them - great service & free shipping on orders over $100

I looked at this today and found it at $9.75, how could the price have gone up so much in such a short time?Confused
Go to Amazon, they have it for like $ 7.85 ,give or take per bottle, and most are with free shipping ! That is how I have started my IBD collection...
Hi Ladies! I just made a pretty large investment in several Just Gel polishes, base and top coat. I am using OPI ph bonder for the application. I have tried the Just Gel on 2 clients so far with horrible results. I am applying thin coats as instructed and following the correct cure times. On the first client, I used Black Lava and the polish was still extremely sheer and streaky after 2 coats so I added Fireworks on top to hide some of the streakiness (per her request). She called me yesterday to let me know that the polish completely lifted on 3 nails. Before hearing this, I attempted to use Funny Bone on another client. Again, the polish was extremely streaky and sheer after 2 coats so we decided to try a 3rd coat.... did not help! I did add Fireworks on an accent nail which did seem to hide the streakiness but needing to add glitter to make a manicure look decent cannot be the answer. The polish really looked horrible! I have worked with other gel polishes in the past and haven't had this problem.
Reading some of your posts, I see that most of you are using other base and top coats with the Just Gel polishes. Is that the solution? Any help would be much appreciated! I would love to make these polishes work rather than going out and investing in a whole new system.
Please help me! Huh
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