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Full Version: Knockout Nails?
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Has anyone heard of Knockout Nails? I was at an event and this is supposed to be the new product for people to purchase and use at home. Its actually a gel system with your choice of a mini Led light. or uv lamp,with 2. min drying polish to put over top. Their saying shellac is bad for your nails with soaking in acetone,etc. So I mentioned to them about shellac and what they really know about it.All they could say was acetone will mess their nails up,but if they keep the gels on their nails they can still polish their nails w/o acetone damage.I just worry that their having people purchase this stuff and really dont know what their doing,and bad thing about it is that the purchase that runs the company is a licensed cosmetologist.You can go to,and let me know what you think.Thanks
The link is

It looks like all they are doing is taking base coat gel polish and putting regular nail polish over it. DIYers have been doing this for ages - making a "gelly sandwich" or putting regular nail polish over a gel polish. This is not new at all. For the knockout nails like the others, you use a non-acetone polish remover to remove the polish and the gel remains intact. Instead of removing the gel each time, you file and paint over it. You still have to file off (or use acetone) to completely remove the base gel. Can you imagine the damage people will do filing the stuff off?! This system does not reduce the damage that they claim Shellac/gel polishes do. Of course, we know that Shellac and gel polishes don't cause damage and that acetone is a very safe solvent, but I doubt that these people want to deal in facts!

And it costs $150!! You can get a Red Carpet Manicure Starter kit for $79.99 or a Gelish mini kit for $100 and they come with LED lamps.

Not a particularly compelling product.

So true!