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Full Version: What won't you do at all?
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After reading the "Caviar Nails" thread, this question came to mind.

What will you not offer at all and why?
I have read on FB some that don't offer pedicures at all and I know some that don't do nail art at all.

I'll be posting this question on FB too FYI in case you answer hear or prefer there. Smile

Thank you in advance.
Welllll, here's what I don't do!

For starters, my philosophy is that I do not offer services that damage clients' natural nails. So, I only offer natural nail manicures and pedicures as well as Shellac. So, that rules out other enhancement products, although I am excited to see where technology takes us in the nail world Smile...

I do not offer nail art. Occasionally I'll have a client who wants something very, very simple, or a few rhinestones added in their Shellac, or a little girl who wants a heart, but that's it. For one, I'm really not good at nail art (hey, I'm honest!). Secondly, the time it would take for me to actually work at doing something really nice and fabulous would take way longer that however much compensation I could ask for it. Third, I am typically booked back-to-back with very little time in between clients, so unless a client tells me when she prebooks her appointment that she wants something a bit jazzy, I simply do not have time for it.

This kind of ties in with the end of the above answer, but I do not offer service "add-ons". I have three tires of manicures/pedicures: hydrating (no polish, oils/creams and heated mitts instead), polished, and Shellac. They are all what many places would consider "spa" manicures, but I'm a perfectionist, and I don't see how a manicure can look complete without filing/cuticle work/exfoliating/hydrating/polishing - so I don't offer "basic" services (outside of a polish change, which few, few, few people ever ask for).

I don't offer any Minx-type services. I tried them out, but they're pricey, not appealing to many of my clients, did not hold up well on my "guinea pigs", and took a while to apply (which I understand there's a learning curve to). As far as durability vs service time vs cost vs price, it just didn't make sense to me.

I don't offer CND additives for my Shellac clients. "Oh, you want bright yellow? That'll take 15 more minutes and cost you an additional $5". Yeah, right! I see where additives can be fun for techs who do a lot of nail art, but the way CND marketed it as "more colors" for Shellac made me want to shake them and scream, "PRODUCE MORE COLORS DARNIT!!!!"

All-in-all, my clients come to me because they know I specialize in natural nails. They know that by coming to me, their polish (Shellac or not) will look impeccable and last longer than anything else they're ever experienced elsewhere. They want natural, healthy, beautiful nails and that's exactly what I do! Smile
I don't offer gel toes without a pedicure... I used to, but found you are doing most of a pedicure anyway, and the toes look so much nicer if the feet are treated too!

I don't offer art techniques that risk putting my eye out when I'm filing off product... so no little balls, clock pieces, etc.

I don't offer sculpted hard gel to severe nail biters, as I believe they do better with acrylic.
I don't offer fabric services (silk, fiberglass, microwrap) aside from a quick nail repair, but I'd like to. I just don't feel skilled enough at it.
I will not do silk my opinion they are useless, and you can repair anything with gel or acrylic anyway. No airbrushing ,although the designs are very cool ,not worth the investment...
I don't provide any Gel Enhancements I've never been good at them and they always lifted no matter what brand I tried. I'll try anything once but if I'm no good at it I just don't offer it.

I do not do polish changes on new clients because they most always need a full pedicure!
I don't do anything but natural nail manicures, pedicures and gel polish. I suck at gel/acrylic enhancements.
Nail art . . . I have neither the interest nor the talent : )
(08-24-2012, 09:25 PM)PrecisionNails Wrote: [ -> ]Nail art . . . I have neither the interest nor the talent : )

Awe Come on Jaime you "Can Do It" just a few dots and squiggles, thats all it takes for a pretty little flower.

Big GrinShannon
I won't offer anything I can't do a good job with.....period.
Ditto like Donna. After all these years i still am not comfortable with sculpts. Even tho ive not had complaints from clients....i still hate doing them because im not skilled enuf with them in my opinion. So ya if i cant do a sercice to the best of my ability i wont do itSmile
(08-26-2012, 09:30 PM)nailgalinaz Wrote: [ -> ]undefined

Trinaluna amen on the CND needing to produce more colors!!!! I do have the additives and think they are a lot of fun but does CND think we are stupid???? I mean seriously maybe instead of putting little pots of color out they can take that time and energy to produce some more dang shellac colors?!? ugh!!!! To answer the above question I DO NOT do Shellac/OPI Gelcolor polish changes to new clients!!! It is a way for a client to try and cheap out on the service. If you want my reputation on your nails you can come in and pay for my expertise and have it done the correct way so that it will last! I will turn away business before I do this. My regular clients are a different story because I know they maintain their nails (well I maintain them). I also no longer do acrylic. Nothing but Gel enhancements, just like it better Smile
Especially when we can go to Michael's and buy pigment powders - which don't need to be mixed in and work wonderfully!
Oh yaaa candice....i hear ya. You can almost get a whole kit from there for what 2-3 singles cost from CND....
I was so glad when you guys put me onto those powders! I have mixed them into acrylic powder, brushed them onto the tacky layer of gel and mixed them directly into gels creating a color or two. I want to do more of that ESPECIALLY when Premier Nail Source has those bogo specials on their clear s/o pots.

Star Nail has a pigment kit in their ASP line at Sally's that is shimmer free if the Pearl X doesn't do it for ya.
(08-29-2012, 11:31 AM)mysweetjordan Wrote: [ -> ]Star Nail has a pigment kit in their ASP line at Sally's that is shimmer free if the Pearl X doesn't do it for ya.

Wow this has really gotten off course from the subject line! I thought I would jump in quick and let you know carries the pigment kit mysweetjordan was referring to!

[Image: CI-2099.jpg]
I have found that, for myself, never say never is good advice. If the price is right, I can be talked into most things.

I hate doing wraps. Most of the people I've encountered who want them, want them because they think "silk" is "all natural" and "chemical free." Then they get upset because there's "glue" involved when they wanted something that didn't use chemicals.

And/or they want a "healthier" alternative to acrylic then expect the wraps to be as strong as acrylic. I actually had a lady threaten to sue me because she broke her silk wraps.

So they aren't on my menu and I don't advertise them. If someone really really really has to have them, they cost a ridiculous amount of money.

Using those little glass beads embedded in the acrylic for rockstar nails. No no no-- drilling that out in a backfill is no fun. If someone wants me to do that I look at them sternly and shake my head back and forth while telling them I will not backfill them. They just have to wait for them to grow out, or they can soak off and start over again.
I do not offer acrylic on toes! it is just to damaging because clients tend to not keep up on it creating issues including fungus, damage from no getting fill ins and hitting their toes cracking them where the acrylic has grown half way up!! I find it unnecessary and only do it for repair issues! Toes grow slowly and once damaged it is permanent and often beyond complete repair!!!

(10-16-2012, 10:43 AM)cgcnails Wrote: [ -> ]I do not offer acrylic on toes! it is just to damaging because clients tend to not keep up on it creating issues including fungus, damage from no getting fill ins and hitting their toes cracking them where the acrylic has grown half way up!! I find it unnecessary and only do it for repair issues! Toes grow slowly and once damaged it is permanent and often beyond complete repair!!!

I think this needs to be decided on a client by client basis.. for myself I have had acrylic or gel (mostly acrylic) on my toes for ages.. must be upwards of 2+ years.. it has helped a huge amount with a pincher nail situation, alivating 95% of the pain & discomfort. I know Maureen (who does my toes) has a lots of repeat acrylic or gel on toes people.. The dedicated client or one who gets pain relief from having an enhancement product on their toes will be back.. like clock work..

I only do manis, pedis, and gel manis. We also offer paraffin and extra massage as add-ons, but most people book these in advance. I do some really basic nail art but nearly no one wants it anyway.

I did acrylics for three years and I'm just done with it.
Let's see....
1. No fabric stuff. Messy and no one asks for it anyway.
2. Pink & white on a tip. Ummmm, that's a sculpt. Pay me. And no, tips don't make it "stronger".
3. Duckbills, stilettos, corkscrews...just not good at that stuff. And some of it is fugly to me.
4. Gel enhancements. I'm an acrylic gal and I don't gel very well despite trying to perfect it.

But like Maggie said, some of this stuff is still on my service menu.
Pedicures are my specialty but I do not do tips - gel or acrylic - on toes. I will do an overlay on a broken toenail, but no tips. Who wants super long toenails? I'm in Maryland and when it gets cold, there's no way you can get your boots on and wear them comfortably!

I also don't do wraps (silk, linen, fiberglass) as they are too messy and take forever to do if you're doing a full set. It can be good for repairs, but like lexibunny said "you can repair anything with gel or acrylic anyway" so that's what I stick with.